About Us

My name is John and I have been a member of Jamplay for about 6 months now. The reason I joined was because I couldn’t afford private lessons (costs about $50/hour where I live) so I searched for lessons on the internet and was lucky to find Jamplay.

I was a total beginner when I joined, and I was a bit skeptic if they would be able to explain everything as good as a private teacher. But it was over my expectations, in the beginner section they start with teaching you the anatomy of the guitar, how to tune posture and other basic stuff. Then you start learning chords and some easy songs. And in the end of the beginning section you will have learned stuff like chords, scales, finger techniques, some music theory, playing lead guitar etc. They do it in a good pace and it’s easy to understand and follow along.

All this prepares you for the intermediate section and that is where I am now. I’m currently learning to play Rock and getting more in depth, learning improvise solos and that kind of stuff. They also have a song learning section which is really good. Check out the link below for some free song lessons.

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