Few Guitar Tips

People have their own way of holding, strumming and playing the guitar. Here are some tips that can help you become a better guitarist.

Tip #1: Always learn new things. For example, there are always new techniques to be learned and if you’re a beginner there is always a new chord that you can learn. There are a thousand chords that you can practice and learn every day. Don’t stop at one place, learn new songs.

Tip #2: Buy guitar books. I could understand if you’re not a fan of reading but buying these books will help you memorize and understand where to place your fingers and also give you visuals if you are a visual learner. There are a variety of different books out there all teaching different things.

Tip #3: Toughen up those fingers. At the end of the day it’s those fingers that are what matters. If your fingers are too loose, the note you’re playing won’t sound right.

Tip #4: Experiment. There is a large variety of guitars to choose from. Find the one for you and what kind of music you would like to play.

Tip #5: Keep practicing. This is what I tell myself all the time. If you’re not willing to practice your guitar on a regular basis, you’ll lose your touch and will have to refer back to charts etc. to get used to the chords and notes all over again. Try for at the very least 45 minutes every 2 days. If you can do more, than by all means practice more.

Once you reach a point where you think you have mastered the basics, it time to challenge yourself and start learning a few tricks. Tricks can be hard and complicated but it will be worth your time learning these tricks whether it’s to show off when your performing, or even impressing someone. These tricks range from the lowest to the highest level of difficulty. These tricks will help you give and unusual and unique sounding to your songs. Most of these tricks are used by rock and metal guitarists.

There are a variety of tricks you can choose from. For example the Two-Handed Slide, the String Yank, Bending Behind the Nut, Bending the Neck and many more. Each of these tricks can be played off any guitar. These tricks require a lot of practice and repetition to get used to and start playing with no troubles.

Other tricks that have to do with harmonics have their own style and technique. A guitar harmonic is basically a note played by lightly placing a finger on a string at a point where when the string is driven, it will give a higher pitch that you cannot achieve by just fretting. Some of the names of these harmonic tricks are Pick Hand Harmonics, Light Touch Harmonics, Trapped Harmonics, Classic Style Harmonics, and many more.

The tricks mentioned above you can take a look at if you click on the link below. You will find instructions on finger placements, what should it sound like, which strings to strum, what is the purpose of each trick and any other detail. You will also be able to view all the tricks even the ones that are not mentioned above.

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