Guitar Tricks – Getting Started

When you first subscribe to Guitar Tricks, you may be wondering how to jump in and get started with the site. Before jumping in head-first I would suggest that you go to the Guitar Tricks homepage and find the icon that says “Where do I start?”. Click on this icon, and you will be taken to the Where Do I Start Page, where you will find all the information you need about which lessons you should be taking.

Guitar Tricks For Beginning Guitarists

The first section of the Where Do I Start page on the Guitar Tricks website is for those of you who have never played the guitar before, or have very little experience. Read this section and then decide whether you should start out with Guitar Fundamentals 1, or Guitar Fundamentals 2. For instance, if you have never played the guitar before, or if you have played, but have not gotten past the beginner stage, this section recommends that you take the Guitar Fundamentals 1 course before trying anything else. If you have some experience, but still not confident with a technique like switching between barre chords, it is recommended in this section that you take the Guitar Fundamentals 2 course. This is also the course recommended if you are trying to learn to read music and understand music theory.

Guitar Tricks For Intermediate Guitarists

If you have at least a basic understand of music theory and how to read music (not just tablature), this section of the Where Do I Start page recommends that you use the Guitar Fundamentals 2 course. This is also the section where you will figure out which courses are best for the style of guitar and music you want to concentrate on, such as country, rock or blues. Intermediate guitarists interested in these styles should try the Country Style Course Level 1, the Rock Style Course Level 1, or the Blues Style Course Level 1.

Guitar Tricks For Advanced Guitarists

You don’t have to be a novice or intermediate guitar player to get something out of Guitar Tricks. In this section of the Where Do I Start page, you will learn about how to find the right instructor, trying new and different styles of playing, and how to use the advanced search to find tutorials that will advance your guitar-playing skills even further. Who knows…you may even find that you are much better than you thought, and are able to put your own slant on the styles that are taught at Guitar Tricks.

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