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  • 30 instructors teaching every genre out there
  • Over 344 hours of lessons in High Definition
  • Lessons ranging from easy to advanced
  • Printable diagrams, exercises and lesson write-ups for every lesson.
  • Chord library, Scale library and a Lick & Riff library with printable tabs and videos
  • Great support with a Q&A every week with instructors
  • An awesome social networking feature where you can create your own profile and meet people with similar interests
  • A great forum

Course Content


    • Phase 1 (Beginner)

      This section Jamplay will teach you the raw basics of playing guitar, including topics such as tuning, posture, finger technique, chords, scales, playing lead guitar and many other topics.


    • Phase 2 (Genre Teaching and Skill Building)

      Genre teaching primarily focus on learning skills and concepts that pertain to a specific genre of music. They cover a lot of genres: Classic Rock, Blues, Fingerstyle, Metal, Hawaiian slack key, Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Classical, Country and Jazz.

The skill building lessons helps you to develop your playing technique and skills. These lessons go more in depth in Lead playing(melodies, solos and improvising), Speed and Technique, Tips & Tricks, Reading music and Rythms, Singing, and Song writing.


  • Phase 3 (Learning Songs)

    In this section you will learn to play your favorite songs. Learning songs is a great method of using your developed skills and playing something you love. I spend a lot of my time in this section. You can also request songs that you want them to teach you.


In addition to the video lessons they also have a bunch of other cool features that comes in handy:

  • Chord library
  • Scale library
  • Lick & riff library
  • Backing tracks
  • Metronome
  • Educational games
  • Guitar tuner
  • Progress report
  • Article section
  • Instructor Q&A
  • Forum
  • Social networking


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