What is guitar chord?

A guitar chord is a bunch of notes played at once on the guitar. Once you get a hand on the basic major and minor chords, you can play lots of popular songs.  Some of the easiest chords to play are called open chords. These open chords use open strings which makes them easy to play. This basically means you don’t have to finger every note that you are going to be using in a chord.

It is important that you learn to read the chord diagrams correctly. These diagrams will teach you where to place your fingers on which string and what fret. You also have to consider about your open strings. If an open string is not to be used there will be a X. If an open string is to be used, there will be an O.

Major chords are the most types of chords in popular music. Major chords carry an upbeat, hopeful, happy sound. Some of the major chords which are C, A, G, E, D are the basic chord patterns. The CAGED system was made from the tuning of the guitar. Once you learn these five basic major chords you can play thousands of songs.

Minor chords are used for variety of reasons. Compared to major chords, the minor chords express a more negative, sadness feeling. But for the most part, they sound very much alike. To structure of these chords is very simple to understand and learn. Some of the minor chords are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G minor.

As you progress, practice, and develop your ability to play the guitar well, you will be able to more complicated chords.

Playing the notes on a guitar is not the same as reading notes on sheet music. A note is a tone of a certain pitch which can be created in numerous ways. For example, hitting a key on a keyboard will give u a certain note or covering a hole on your flute. Just like that in guitars, you can play a note on the guitar by pushing down on the string.

The 6 strings on the guitar are 6 different notes. These six strings when tuned, will be the low E string, A string, D string, G string, B string, and high E string, starting from bottom to top. To make your different notes you have to hold down on a fret while you are strumming. For example, if you were to pick the low E string without fretting any note, you will be playing the E tone.

Sometimes you’ll see # beside a note, which means sharp. To get a sharp you basically have to move your finger up one fret. There are so many different notes you can play on the guitar. Each string can play 19-25 different notes depending on how many frets there are on your guitar.

As you keep practicing you will be familiarized with each string and the notes. Although there are a lot of different notes, you can use this chart to help you along the way. Sooner or later this illustration will be second nature and you’ll be an expert in no time.

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